Washington Rowing has had an alumnus in each of the last 13 Olympic Games and in 17 of the last 20 Olympiads.

UW athletes have earned at least one medal in each of the last five Olympics, and in six of the last seven. In total, UW alumni – men and women combined, counted indiviidually – have earned 46 Olympic medals in rowing.

Counting this year’s 18 UW alumni headed to the Olympics and Paralympics, UW coxswains and rowers have made 125 Olympic appearances, dating back to the nine men who won Gold in the U.S. men’s eight in Berlin in 1936.

Counting this year, Washington Rowing alumni will have competed at the Olympics for 12 different nations: Australia, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, New Zealand, and the United States.

The United States has sent a women’s eight to the Olympics every year since 1984 (the 1980s games were boycotted by the U.S.). In those 10 Olympiads (1984-2020), the coxswain of the U.S. women’s eight has had a UW connection in nine: alumna Betsy Beard Stillings in 1984 and 1988; current head coach Yasmin Farooq in 1992 and 1996; alumna Mary Whipple Murray in 2004, 2008 and 2012; and former UW men’s team cox Katelin Snyder Guregian in 2016 and 2020.


YearNameCountryOlympic LocationRole
1924Ed LeaderUSAParisCoach M8+
1924Richard PocockUSAParisCoach M8+
1928Ky EbrightUSAAmsterdamTeam Manager
1932Russ NaglerUSALos AngelesM8+
1936Bob MochUSALos AngelesM8+
1936Don HumeUSABerlinM8+
1936Joe rantzUSABerlinM8+
1936Jim McMillianUSABerlinM8+
1936George “Shorty” HuntUSABerlinM8+
1936John WhiteUSABerlinM8+
1936Gordon AdamUSABerlinM8+
1936Charles DayUSABerlinM8+
1936Rodger MorrisUSABerlinM8+
1936Al UlbricksonUSABerlinCoach M8+
1936Don CoyUSABerlinM Spare
1936Delos “Dutch” SchochUSABerlinM Spare
1936George PocockUSABerlinBoatman
1948Allen MorganUSALondonM4+
1948Warren WestlundUSALondonM4+
1948Bob MartinUSALondonM4+
1948Bob WillUSALondonM4+
1948Gordon GiovanelliUSALondonM4+
1948Ky EbrightUSALondonCoach M8+
1948George PocockUSALondonCoach M4+
1948Norm BuvickUSALondonM Spare
1952Al RossiUSAHelsinkiM4+
1952Carl LovestedUSAHelsinkiM4+
1952Al Ulbrickson Jr.USAHelsinkiM4+
1952Dick WahlstromUSAHelsinkiM4+
1952Fil LendersonUSAHelsinkiM4+
1952Rusty CallowUSAHelsinkiCoach M8+
1952George PocockUSAHelsinkiBoatman
1952Tom BollesUSAHelsinkiTeam Manager
1956Stan PocockUSAMelbourneCoach M2-, M2+
1956George PocockUSAMelbourneBoatman
1956Tom BollesUSAMelbourneTeam Manager
1960John SaryeUSARomeM4-
1960Chuck AlmUSARomeM4+
1960Al StockerUSARomeM4+
1960Ted FrostUSARomeM2-
1960Bob RodgersUSARomeM2-
1960Stan PocockUSARomeCoach M4-, M4+, M2-, M2x
1960Lou GellermanUSARomeM Spare
1972Chad RudolphUSAMunichM4+
1972Charles RuthfordUSAMunichM4+
1976Mike HessUSAMontrealM8+
1976Mark NoreliousUSAMontrealM8+
1976Chris AllsoppUSAMontrealM Spare
1976Stan PocockUSAMontrealW Boatman
1980Marious FelixCANMoscow*M8+
1980Dave KehoeUSAMoscow*M4+
1980Chris AllsoppUSAMoscow*M4x
1980Chris WellsUSAMoscow*M2+
1980Jan HarvilleUSAMoscow*W8+
1980Hope BarnesUSAMoscow*W4+
1980Bob ErnstUSAMoscow*Coach W4x
1980Kristi NoreliousUSAMoscow*W Spare
1980Blair HornCANLos AngelesM8+
1984Charlie ClappUSALos AngelesM8+
1984Al ForneyUSALos AngelesM4-
1984Ed IvesUSALos AngelesM4+
1984John StillingsUSALos AngelesM4+
1984Bruce BellUSALos AngelesM4x
1984Shyri O’steeenUSALos AngelesW8+
1984Kristi NoreliousUSALos AngelesW8+
1984Betsy BeardUSALos AngelesW8+
1984Jan HarvilleUSALos AngelesW4+
1984Bob ErnstUSALos AngelesCoach W8+
1984Susan BroomeUSALos AngelesW Spare
1988Ed IvesUSASeoulM2-
1988Betsy BeardUSASeoulW8+
1988Susan BroomeUSASeoulW8+
1988Chris CampbellUSASeoulW8+
1988Bob ErnstUSASeoulCoach W8+
1992Roberto BlandaITABarcelonaM8+
1992Scott MunnUSABarcelonaM8+
1992Rob ShephardUSABarcelonaM8+
1992Hana DariousovaCZEBarcelonaM8+
1992Sabrina TelenskaCZEBarcelonaM8+
1996Roberto BlandaITAAtlantaM8+
1996Jason ScottUSAAtlantaM4-
1996Marc SchneiderUSAAtlantaMLt 4-
1996Hana DariousovaCZEAtlantaW2-
1996Sabrina TelenskaCZEAtlantaW2-
1996Jan HarvilleUSAAtlantaCoach W4x
2000Dave CalderCANSydneyM8+
2000Marc SchneiderUSASydneyMLt 4-
2000Phil HenryUSASydneyM Spare
2000Katie MaloneyUSASydneyW8+
2000Willie BlackUSASydneyTeam Manager
2004Matt DeakinUSAAthensM8+
2004Dave CalderCANAthensM2-
2004Michael CallahanUSAAthensM Spare
2004Erik MillerUSAAthensM Spare
2004Anna MickelsonUSAAthensW8+
2004Mary WhippleUSAAthensW8+
2004Lori DauphinyUSAAthensCoach W2-, WLt2x
2008Giuseppe LanzoneUSABeijingM4-
2008Brett NewlinUSABeijingM4-
2008Scott GaultUSABeijingM4x
2008Dave CalderCANBeijingM2-
2008Ante KursurinCROBeijingM2x
2008Rob GibsonCANBeijingM Spare
2008Anna MickelsonUSABeijingW8+, W2-
2008Mary WhippleUSABeijingW8+
2008Megan KalmoreUSABeijingW2x
2008Rika GeyseyRSABeijingW1x
2012Giuseppe LanzoneUSALondonM8+
2012Brett NewlinUSALondonM8+
2012Will CrothersCANLondonM8+
2012Rob GibsonCANLondonM8+
2012Conlin McGabeCANLondonM8+
2012Scott GaultUSALondonM4-
2012Anthony JacobCANLondonM4-
2012Dave CalderCANLondonM2-
2012Ty OttoUSALondonM Spare
2012Mary WhippleUSALondonW8+
2012Megan KalmoreUSALondonW4x
2012Adrienne MartelliUSALondonW4x
2016Sam OsjerkisUSARio De JaneiroM8+
2016Rob MunnUSARio De JaneiroM8+
2016Hans StruzynaUSARio De JaneiroM8+
2016Sam DommerUSARio De JaneiroM8+
2016Will CrothersCANRio De JaneiroM4-
2016Conlin McGabeCANRio De JaneiroM4-
2016Rob GibsonCANRio De JaneiroM4x
2016Katelin SnyderUSARio De JaneiroW8+
2016Kerry SimmondsUSARio De JaneiroW8+
2016Megan KalmoreUSARio De JaneiroW4x
2016Adrienne MartelliUSARio De JaneiroW4x
2016Patrica ObeeCANRio De JaneiroWLt2x
2020Jacob DawsonGBRTokyoM8+
2020Ben DavidsonUSATokyoM8+
2020Stuart SimAUSTokyoM8+
2020Bram SchwarzNEDTokyoM8+
2020Simon Van DorpNEDTokyoM8+
2020Will CrothersCANTokyoM4-
2020Conlin McGabeCANTokyoM2-
2020Michiel MantelNEDTokyoM Spare
2020Fiona GammondGBRTokyoW8+
2020Kirstyn GoodgerNZLTokyoW8+
2020Phoebe SpoorsNZLTokyoW8+
2020Katelin GuregianUSATokyoW8+
2020Brooke MooneyUSATokyoW8+
2020Jessica ThoennesUSATokyoW8+
2020Valentina IseppiITATokyoW4x
2020Chiara OndoliITATokyoW2x
2020Megan KalmoreUSATokyoW2-
2020Danielle HansenUSATokyoPr3 Mix 4+
2020Yasmín FarooqUSATokyoSupport Coach

Men's National Champions

1923Men’s Varsity 8+Don Grant (Cox), Dow Walling (Stroke), Harry Dutton (7), Sam Shaw (6), Fred Spuhn (5), Roland France (4), Charles Dunn (3), Max Luft (2), Pat Tidmarsh (Bow)
1924Men’s Varsity 8+Don Grant (Cox), Al Ulbrickson (Stroke), Fred Spun (7), Don Walling (6), Hal Condon (5), Max Luft (4), Harrison Sanford (3), Roland France (2), Harry Dutton (Bow)
1925Men’s Second Varsity 8+Frank Blethen (Cox), Jim Mathews (Stroke), Jim Hart (7), Tom Quast (6), Keith (5), Charles McGinnes (4), Sparling (3), Melder (2), Walt Malone (Bow)
1926Men’s Varsity 8+Arthur Wuthenow (Cox), Al Ulbrickson (Stroke), Fred Spuhn (7), Dow Walling (6), Hal Condon (5), Max Luft (4), Harrison Sanford (3), Roland France (2), Harry Dutton (Bow)
Men’s Second Varsity 8+Frank Blethen (Cox), Charles McGuinness (Stroke), Bill Wohlmacher (7), Tom Quast (6), Fricke (5), Joel Olmstead (4), Sparling (3), Frank Shaw (2), Tom Bolles (Bow)
1927Men’s Second Varsity 8+(Finding mixed results about this year, that and if these guys rowed this year they would’ve spent 6 years in college but one source directly says this is the team), Harvey Love (Cox), Ed Argersinger (Stroke), Walter Raney (7), Herb Mjorud (6), Gordon Parrott (5), Herb Day (4), Robert Snider (3), Wilbur Washburn (2), Bob White (Bow)
1931Men’s Freshmen 8+Harvey Love (Cox), Ed Argersinger (Stroke), Walter Raney (7), Herb Mjorud (6), Gordon Parrott (5), Herb Day (4), Robert Snider (3), Wilbur Washburn (2), Bob White (Bow).
1933Men’s Varsity 8+Harvey Love (Cox), Ed Argersinger (Stroke), Walter Raney (7), Herb Mjorud (6), Gordon Parrott (5), Herb Day (4), Robert Snider (3), Wilbur Washburn (2), Bob White (Bow)
1934Men’s Freshmen 8+George Morry (Cox), Bud Schact, Roger Morris, Bob Green, Delos Schoch, Charles Hartman, Joe Rantz, George Hunt, George Lund
1935Men’s Second Varsity 8+Earl Schenck (Cox), Donald Hume, Don Canfield, Seaman, Gordon Adam, Donald Coy, Merton Hatch, Bob White, Bob Murray
Men’s Freshmen 8+Robert Moch (Cox), John York, Walter Raney, Sydney Lund, James McMillin, Robert Snider, Walter Bates, Herb Day, Bob White
1936Men’s Varsity 8+Robert Moch (Cox), Don Hume (Stroke), Joseph Rantz (7), George Hunt (6), James McMillin (5), John White (4), Gordon Adam (3), Charles Day (2), Roger Morris (Bow)
Men’s Second Varsity 8+(Record Book Lists as no other info Avaliable I will go back and research later)
Men’s Freshmen 8+(Record Book Lists as no other info Avaliable I will go back and research later)
1937Men’s Varsity 8+(Record Book Lists as no other info Avaliable I will go back and research later)
Men’s Second Varsity 8+(Record Book Lists as no other info Avaliable I will go back and research later)
Men’s Freshmen 8+William Dunlap (Bow), Norm Milbank, Bob Grunbock, Ralph Williams, Ted Hokenstad (cox), George Hansen, Bob Johnson, Don Thompson, Vic Michalson (Stroke)
1938Men’s Second Varsity 8+Neil Haig, Wayne Gordon, Bill Neill, Gerald Keely, Charles Jackson, Donald Wiss, Orwin Thomas, Dick Philbrick, Edgar Kerrihard (cox)
1939Men’s Freshmen 8+(Slightly confused by this one I guess only last names were recorded?) Fomo (Cox), Bracken, Fowler, King, Garhart, Erickson,Yantis, Douglas, Anderson
1940Men’s Varsity 8+Fred Colbert (Cox), Ted Garhart (Stroke), Dallas Duppenthaler (7), Dick Yantis (6), Chuck Jackson (5), Gerald Keely (4), Al Erickson (3), Paul Soules (2), John Bracken (Bow)
Men’s Second Varsity 8+Vic Fomo (Cox), Vic Michaelson (Stroke), Barton Douglas (7), Bob Vincent (6), Erwin Thomas (5), Wayne Gordon (4), Don Thompson (3), Paul Simdars (2), Bob Connolly (Bow)
1941Men’s Varsity 8+Vic Fomo (Cox), Ted Gerhart (Stroke), Tom Taylor (7), Walt Wallace (6), Chuck Johnson (5), Doyle Fowler (4), Bill Neill (3), Paul Simdars (2), John Bracken (Bow)
1947Men’s Freshmen 8+Allen Morgan (Cox), Warren Westlund (Stroke), Rod Johnson (7), Norm Buvick (6), Dave Dixon (5), Bob Young (4), Bob Harris (3), Bill Wall (2), Manford McNeil (Bow)
1948Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Varsity 8+Bob Lee (Cox), Charlie McCarthy (Stroke), Rod Johnson (7), Don Landon (6), Norm Buvick (5), Bill Works (4), Bob Young (3), John Audett (2), Ed Hearing (Bow)
Men’s Second Varsity 8+Allen Morgan (Cox), Warren Westlund (Stroke), Bob Martin (7), Bob Will (6), Gordon Giovanelli (5), Dave Dixon (4), Phil Lund (3), Bill Wall (2), Fred Mitchell (Bow)
Men’s Freshmen 8+Tren Griffin (Cox), Roger Baird (Stroke), Ken Brockman (7), Gene Anderson (6), Malcolm Joss (5), Jim Graham (4), Hal Brown (3), Loren Johnson (2), Lawrence Lundgren (Bow)
1949Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Second Varsity 8+Tren Griffin (Cox), Roger Baird (Stroke), Wilbur Lowe (7), Ken Walters (6), Gordon Giovanelli (5), Roy Putnam (4), Don Brietenburg (3), Warren Westlund (2), Hal Brown (Bow)
Men’s Freshmen 8+Dick Boyce (Cox), Charles Anderson (Stroke), John Fletcher (7), Al Ulbrickson Jr. (6), Dick Jordan (5), Warren Helgerson (4), Carl Lovested (3), George Waiss (2), Howard Kellogg (Bow)
1950Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Varsity 8+Allen Morgan (Cox), Roger Baird (Stroke), Rod Johnson (7), Al Ulbrickson Jr. (6), Norm Buvick (5), Ken Walters (4), Bob Young (3), John Audett (2), Carl Lovested (Bow)
Men’s Second Varsity 8+Tren Griffin (Cox), Charlie McCarthy (Stroke), Wilbur Lowe (7), Warren Helgerson (6), Phil Horrocks (5), George Waiss (4), Dick Jordan (3), Warren Westlund (2), Owen Miller (Bow)
Men’s Freshmen 8+Tom Winter (Cox), Fil Leanderson (Stroke), Eric Fonkalsrud (7), Dave Nielsen (6), Carl Strandin (5), Bill Cameron (4), Dick Wahlstrom (3), Erv Johnson (2), Jim Callaghan (Bow)
1951Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Freshmen 8+Bob Witter (Cox), Guy Harper (Stroke), Keith Riley (7), Ted Frost (6), Gordon Hardy (5), Ivar Birkeland (4), Bill John (3), Roland Canfield (2), Jim Howay (Bow)
1953Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Second Varsity 8+Al Rossi (Cox), Roland Camfield (Stroke), Leon Moore (7), Ted Frost (6), Joe McIntyre (5), Ivar Birkeland (4), Don Voris (3), Bill Cameron (2), Eric Fonkalsrud (Bow)
Men’s Freshmen 8+Andonian (cox), Purnell, Backer, Peterson, Wailes, Hart, Butch Thomas, French, Lynn Lamb
1956Men’s Second Varsity 8+Wayne Waters (Cox), Dick Erickson (Stroke), Andy Horland (7), Chuck Bower (6), Lynn Lamb (5), Phil Kieburtz (4), Floyd Barker (3), Bud Condon (2), Doug Wetter (Bow)
1959Men’s Team Champions
1961Men’s Freshmen 8+Lee Deshaw (Bow), Tom Mills (2), Jim Conner (3), Tom Rutkay (4), Jim Gavin (5), Bob Holland (6), Jon Runstad (7), Bill Beresford (Stroke), Rick Clothier (Cox)
1964Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Second Varsity 8+Dick Shindler, Ken Ness, Jim Gavin, Alden Hanson, Dick Moen, Rick Clothier (cox), Bill McConacle, Jon Runstad, Jerry Johnson (Stroke)
1969Men’s Freshmen 8+Dee Walker, Tory Liegland, Steve Kirk, Norm Chang, Dave Mendenhall, Brian Roesch, Bob Stanley, Frank Liburdy
1970Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Varsity 8+Brian Miller, Greg Miller, Charles Ruthford, Dave White, Chad Rudolph, Cliff Hurn, Rex Thompson, Brad Thomas, Dwight Phillips (cox)
1972Men’s Second Varsity 8+Wes Clingan, Bill Mickelson, Mike Cole, Tom Henry, Dick Erickson, Mark Norelius, Dave Reese, Jim Hart, Mike Bronson. Jim Maxwell (cox)
1977Men’s Varsity 8+Tom Bascom, Charles Naden, Brian Martin, Rick Robinson, Don Scales, Skip Miller, Doug Jones, Scott Donaldson, Dave Dickhaus (cox)
1978Men’s Varsity 8+?Lewis Hiatt, Mark Sawyer, Roger Bowlin, Mark Miller, Bill Hubbard, Bob Umlauf, Terry Fisk, Dave Magee
1981Men’s Varsity 8+Frank Davidson, Al Erickson, Al Forney, Greg Hoffman, Sam Eastabrooks, John Zevenbergen, Charlie Clapp, Marius Felix, Eric Cohen
1984Men’s Varsity 8+Mike Teather (Cox), Dennis Moran (Stroke), Dave Neal (7), Brian McGovern (6), Dan Doyle (5), Mike Feltin (4), Raymond Attisha (3), Jamie Schaefer (2), Jon Norelius (Bow)
1993Men’s Second Varsity 8+(6:00.1), Kristin Bailey (Cox), Ryan Allison (Bow), Eric Sjaastad (2), Dan James (3), Sasha Panasik (4), Girts Beitlers (5), Steve Kunnen (6), Rob Lorenz (7), Ned Flint (Stroke)
1995Men’s Second Varsity 8+(5:41.4), Rich Tzeng (cox), Andrew (Bubba) Dempsey (Stroke) , Steve Kunnen(2) , Matt Andersen (3), Erik Sjaastad (4), Ned Flint (5), Dave Greif (6), Rich Parsons (7), Carl Bolstad (bow)
1997Men’s Varsity 8+(5:51.0) Sean Mullingan (Cox), Aaron Beck (2), Matt Schostak (3), Matt Andersen (4), Andy Tyler (5), Silas Harrington (6), Brett Reisinger (7), Bob Cummins (Stroke), Carl Bolstad (Bow)
Men’s Second Varsity 8+(6:09.2) Patrick Ormand (Bow), Brent Starace, Erik
Brand, Evan Stuart, George Dowell, James Rawson, Steve Todd, Mark Pengelly (Stroke), Missy Collins
Men’s Freshmen 8+(6:07.3) Phil Hoyle (Bow), Ryan Donahue, Brent Mueller, Jason
Sander, Mike Chait, Dave Calder, Eric Funk, Whit Hammond (Stroke), Pete Lundquist (Cox)
2001Men’s Varsity 8+Chris O’Brien (Cox), Ian Harrison (Stroke), Marko Petrovic (7), Andy Derrick (6), Ian Sawyer (5), John Kenfield (4), Sam Burns (3), Nick Beles (2), Seth Berling (Bow)
Men’s Varsity 2-(7:15.23), Jeff Jorgensen, andy altman
2002Men’s Freshmen 8+(5:39.6), Greg King (Cox), Conor Musgrave (Stroke), Scott Gault (7), Ante Kusurin (6), Giuseppe Lanzone (5), Kyle Larson (4), Nick Hudson (3), John Heylin (2), Matt Kopicky (Bow)
Men’s Open 4+(6:17.38), Melissa Wengard (Cox), Jeff Jorgensen (Stroke), Dan McKeegan (3), Andy Altman (2), Evan Galloway (Bow)
2003Men’s Varsity 4+(6:32.06), Melissa Wengard (Cox), Jeff Jorgensen (Stroke), John Kenfield (3), Ben Fletcher (2), Evan Galloway (Bow)
2004Men’s Second Varsity 8+(6:06.94), Chris O’Brien (Cox), Ian Harrison (Stroke), Ben Fletcher (7), Dusan Nikolic (6), Ian Sawyer (5), Marko Petrovic (4), Kyle Larson (3), Nick Hudson (2), Matt Kopicky (Bow)
Men’s Varsity 4+(6:45.21), Adrian Andrews (Cox), Seth Berling (Stroke), Colin Phillips (3), Jacob Pettit (2), Evan Galloway (Bow).
2005Men’s Second Varsity 8+(5:45.22), Greg King (Cox), Scott Gault (Stroke), Scott Schmidt (7), Cooper Lange (6), Martin Rogulja (5), Jacob Petit (4), Matt Kopicky (3), Tyler Smith (2), Evan Galloway (Bow)
Men’s Open 4+(6:37.66), Mary Katherine Langlais (Cox), Craig Tyler (Stroke), Adam Van Winkle (3), Luke Carney (2), Dustin Kraus (Bow)
2006Men’s Freshmen 8+(5:43.83), Katelin Snyder (Cox), Will Crothers (Stroke), Mike Flight (7), Jessiah Johnson (6), Max Lang (5), Bart-Jan Caron (4), Trevor Mollenkopf (3), Asa Bergdahl (2), Lowell Neal (Bow)
Men’s Open 4+(6:26.95), Patrick Kavanagh (Cox), Peter Carlson (Stroke), Alan Oriard (3), Dustin Kraus (2), Ricky Bargreen (Bow)
2007Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Varsity 8+(5:33.165),
Men’s Second Varsity 8+(5:43.021), Micah Perrin (Cox), Bart-Jan Caron (Stroke), Lowell Neal (7), Andrew Beaton (6), Trevor Mollenkopf (5), Drew Fowler (4), Derek Devries (3), David vanBolt (2), Alan Oriard (Bow)
Men’s Open 4+(6:26.449), Leah Downey (Cox), Peter Carlson (Stroke), Mike Flight (3), David Goulet (2), James Olson (Bow)
2008Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Second Varsity 8+(5:39.308), Micah Perrin (Cox), Graham Oglend (Stroke), Asa Bergdahl (7), Trevor Mollenkopf (6), Drew Fowler (5), Tad McCrea (4), Andrew Beaton (3), Steve Full (2), Bart-Jan Caron (Bow).
Men’s Freshmen 4+(6:25.931), Michelle Darby (Cox), Niles Garratt (Stroke), Bjoern Sbierski (3), Tyler Emsky (2), Chris Rinker (Bow).
Men’s Open 4+(6:23.019), (It says in the IRA database I found that we won the MV4 not the MO4 not sure what to do) Leah Downey (Cox), Stephen Connolly (Stroke), Dane Robbins (3), Kit Culbert (2), David vanBolt (Bow).
2009Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Varsity 8+(5:50.91), Katelin Snyder (Cox), Will Crothers (Stroke), Simon Taylor (7), Jessiah Johnson (6), Rob Gibson (5), Bart-Jan Caron (4), Anthony Jacob (3), Hans Struzyna (2), Max Lang (Bow)
Men’s Second Varsity 8+(5:51.47), Michelle Darby (Cox), Nenad Bulicic (Stroke), Lowell Neal (7), Matt Zapel (6), Ty Otto (5), Blaise Didier (4), Roko Svast (3), Bede Clarke (2), Stephen Connolly (Bow).
Men’s Freshmen 8+(5:50.68), Laura Denman (Cox), Mathis Jessen (Stroke), Tom Lehmann (7), Conlin McCabe (6), Jay Thompson (5), Justin Hopkins (4), Robert Munn (3), Ambrose Puttmann (2), Jeffrey Gibbs (Bow)
Men’s Open 4+(6:35.48), Valaree Fowler (Cox), Niles Garratt (Stroke), Noah O’Connell (3), Alan Meininghaus (2), Peter Carlson (Bow)
2010Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Second Varsity 8+(5:32.083), Sam Ojserkis (Cox), Max Weaver (Stroke), Jay Thompson (7), Nenad Bulicic (6), Rob Munn (5), Blaise Didier (4), Simon Taylor (3), Ambrose Puttmann (2), Casey Dobrowolski (Bow)
Men’s Freshmen 8+(5:35.796), Seamus Labrum (Cox), Dusan Milovanovic (Stroke), Alex Bunkers (7), Ryan Schroeder (6), Mijo Rudelj (5), Max Mannisto (4), Sam Dommer (3), A.J. Brooks (2), Brandon Taft (Bow)
Men’s Varsity 4+(6:17.395), Valaree Fowler (Cox), Justin Hopkins (Stroke), Roko Svast (3), Niles Garratt (2), Jeff Gibbs (Bow)
2011Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Varsity 8+(5:45.849), Samuel Ojserkis (Cox), Nenad Bulicic (Stroke), Alex Bunkers (7), Hans Struzyna (6), Ty Otto (5), Conlin McCabe (4), Anthony Jacob (3), Mathis Jessen (2), Tom Lehmann (Bow)
Men’s Second Varsity 8+(5:50.418), Michelle Darby (Cox), Dusan Milovanovic (Stroke), Rob Munn (7), Hannes Heppner (6), Ambrose Puttmann (5), Maxwell Weaver (4), Mijo Rudelj (3), A.J. Brooks (2), Jay Thompson (Bow)
Men’s Varsity 4+(6:37.997), Seamus Labrum (Cox), Ryan Schroeder (Stroke), Bede Clarke (3), Jeff Gibbs (2), Matt Zapel (Bow)
Men’s Freshmen 4+(5:54.511),
Men’s Open 4+(6:23.186), Valaree Fowler (Cox), Casey Dobrowolski (Stroke), Niles Garratt (3), Max Mannisto (2), Andy Altig (Bow)
2012Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Varsity 8+(5:21.482), Sam Ojserkis (Cox), Dusan Milovanovic (Stroke), Alex Bunkers (7), Ryan Schroeder (6), Mijo Rudelj (5), Sebastian Peter (4), Sam Dommer (3), A.J. Brooks (2), Robert Munn (Bow)
Men’s Second Varsity 8+(5:31.616), Laura Denman (Cox), Max Mannisto (Stroke), Julian Svoboda (7), Myles Neary (6), Patrick Marre (5), Beddome Allen (4), Ambrose Puttmann (3), Alan Meininghaus (2), Jay Thompson (Bow)
Men’s Freshmen 8+(5:21.4820), Lisa Caldwell (Cox), Alexander Perkins (Stroke), Henry Meek (7), Marcus Bowyer (6), Stephen Podwojski (5), Aleksander Malowany (4), Eric Ledbetter (3), Michael Evans (2), Ian Drake (Bow)
Men’s Varsity 4+(5:31.902), Josh Klein (Cox), Edward Nainby-Luxmoore (Stroke), Tom Lehmann (3), Reiner Hershaw (2), Michael Thornton (Bow).
Men’s Open 4+(6:12.258), Seamus Labrum (Cox), Robert Squires (Stroke), Garrett Rinden (3), Will Lytle (2), Jeffrey Gibbs (Bow)
2013Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Varsity 8+(5:39.68), Seamus Labrum (Cox), Alexander Perkins (Stroke), Henry Meek (7), Conlin McCabe (6), Mijo Rudelj (5), Marcus Bowyer (4), Samuel Dommer (3), Ryan Schroeder (2), Alexander Bunkers (Bow)
Men’s Freshmen 8+(5:51.07), Lisa Caldwell (Cox), Max Mannisto (Stroke), Julian Svoboda (7), Myles Neary (6), Patrick Marre (5), Dusan Milovanovic (4), Aleksander Malowany (3), Austin Brooks (2), Eric Ledbetter (Bow)
Men’s Varsity 4+(5:52.77), Stuart Sim (Cox), Michael Trebilcock (Stroke), James Erving (7), Jacob Dawson (6), Philip Walczak (5), Samuel Helms (4), Samuel Lapage (3), Ezra Carlson (2), Grega Domanjko (Bow)
Men’s Open 4+(6:26.49), Ben Degang (Cox), Michael Evans (Stroke), Mike Thorton (3), Jack Shepherd (2), Will Lytle (Bow)
2014Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Varsity 8+(5:37.113), Stuart Sim (Cox), Grega Domanjko (Stroke), Sam Dommer (7), Finn Schroeder (6), Henry Meek (5), Julian Svoboda (4), Marcus Bowyer (3), Sam Dawson (2), Myles Neary (Bow)
Men’s Second Varsity 8+Lisa Caldwell (Cox), Jacob Morton (Stroke), Eric Ledbetter (7), Michael Evans (6), Sebastian Peter (5), Aleksander Malowany (4), Matthew Milner (3), Alexander Perkins (2), Michael Trebilcock (Bow)
Men’s Freshmen 8+(5:46.324), Lia Roberds (Cox), Jernej Markovc (Stroke), Pietro Zileri Dal Verme (7), Kieran O’Sullivan (6), Ivan Piton (5), Jake Zier (4), Vuk Matovic (3), Guglielmo Carcano (2), Charles Gardner (Bow)(
Men’s Varsity 4+(6:21.322), Joshua Klein (Cox), James Erving (Stroke), Matthew Medalia (3), Evan Hargreaves (2), Harrison King (Bow)
2015Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Varsity 8+(5:28.015), Stuart Sim (Cox), Alexander Perkins (Stroke), Henry Meek (7), Marcus Bowyer (6), Jacob Dawson (5), Ivan Piton (4), Ezra Carlson (3), Michael Evans (2), Eric Ledbetter (Bow)
Men’s Second Varsity 8+(5:33.643), Lisa Caldwell (Cox), Philip Walczak (Stroke), Sean Raffetto (7), Edward Nainby-Luxmoore (6), Jake Zier (5), Finn Schroeder (4), Jernej Markovc (3), Nicolas Cypro (2), Guglielmo Carcano (Bow)
Men’s Third Varsity 8+(5:40.389), Parker Ksidakis (Cox), Eric Benca (Stroke), Aleksander Malowany (7), Vuk Matovic (6), Zachary Hershberger (5), Pietro Zileri Dal Verme (4), Matt Milner (3), Sebastian Devereaux (2), Kevin O’Connor (Bow)
Men’s Freshmen 8+(5:39.366), Braedan Daste (Cox), Luke Khoury (Stroke), Ben Davison (7), Arne Landboe (6), Viktor Pivac (5), Sam Goertz (4), Sam Pettet (3), Sean Kelly (2), Luca Lovisolo (Bow)
Men’s Varsity 4+(6:16.321), Lia Roberds (Cox), John Gangi (Stroke), Oscar Goldberg (3), Matthew Medalia (2), Graham Henry (Bow)
2016Men’s Freshmen 8+(5:39.366), Michiel Mantel (Stroke), Andrew Gaard (7), Ben Pratt (6), William Wallace (5), Evan Olson (4), Samuel O’Brien (3), Reid Grimm (2), Ari Cohen (Bow)
Men’s Varsity 4+(6:16.321), Philip Walczak (Stroke), Sam Pettet (3), Sean Kelly (2), Sam Helms (Bow), Braeden Daste (Cox)
2017Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Second Varsity 8+(5:38.654), Rielly Milne (Cox), Viktor Pivac (Stroke), Pietro Zileri Dal Verme (7), Evan Olson (6), Tennyson Federspiel (5), Madison Molitor (4), Samuel Halbert (3), Jake Zier (2), Eric Benca (Bow)
Men’s Third Varsity 8+(5:47.289), Braedan Daste (Cox), Max Rennie (Stroke), Mason Pollock (7), Alexander Vollmer (6), Luca Lovisolo (5), Kieran O’Sullivan (4), Andrew Gaard (3), Oscar Golberg (2), Sam Goertz (Bow)
Men’s Freshmen 8+
2018Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Second Varsity 8+(6:23.404), Kimmons Wilson (Cox), Michiel Mantel (Stroke), Simon van Dorp (7), George Esau (6), Tennyson Federspiel (5), Ben Davison (4), Arne Landboe (3), Robert Karlen (2), Philipp Nonnast (Bow)
Men’s third Varsity 8+(6:33.546), Braedan Daste (Cox), Gert-Jan van Doorn (Stroke), Sam Goertz (7), Steve Rosts (6), Peter Lancashire (5), Alexander Vollmer (4), Connor Gann (3), Evan Olson (2), David Bridges (Bow)
2019Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Third Varsity 8+(5:43.668), Thomas Wenk (Cox), Max Rennie (Stroke), Mattijs Holler (7), Evan Olson (6), Paolo Bifulco (5), Felix Reinhold (4), Nick Everett (3), Pau Turina (2), Ian Engstrom (Bow)
Men’s Varsity 4+(6:19.868), Cole Zwierzynsk (Stroke) , Alexander Vollmer (3), Carsten Rossen (2), Elliott de Bruin (Bow), Isabel Klein (Cox)
2021Men’s Team Champions
Men’s Varsity 8+(05:59.707), M Schwartzkopff (Cox), George Esau (8), Pieter Quinton (7), J walkey (6), Peter Lancashire (5), G van Doorn (4), Mattijs Holler (3), A Krol (2), Sam Halbert (1)
Men’s Second Varsity 8+(06:15.425), Z Casler (Cox), Steven Rosts (8), Ian Engstrom (7), Felix Reinhold (6), N Vorberg (5), David,Bridges (4), Paolo Bifulco (3), S Ritter (2), Chase Deitner (1)
Men’s third Varsity 8+(06:08.491), Adam gold (Cox), J Thiers (8), R Pluijmert (7), Max Mason (6), Maxwell Heid (5), C Barrows (4), J Premzic (3), Pablo Matan (2), B Bradshaw (1)
Men’s Varsity 4+(06:59.449), Thomas Wenk (Cox), Luca Unkovic (4), C Kwiecinski (3), A Regier (2), A Eligator (1)

Women's National Champions

1970Womens’s Lightweight 4+Judy Ketchison (Cox), Joannie Kingsley (Stroke), Jocelyn Curry (3), Coleen Lynch (2), Jan Richardson (Bow)
1971Woman’s Lightweight 8+Marilyn Goo (Cox), Randi Mattson (Stroke), Jackie Frye (7), Coleen Lynch (6), Pam Gilmore (5), Gigi Coe (4), Susan Karpiak (3), Penny Dimick (2), Pam Hall (Bow)
Woman’s Lightweight 4+Marylou Talbot (Cox), Beth Tyler (Stroke), Coleen Lynch (3), Penny Dimick (2), Pam Hall (Bow), Paula Abrams
1972Woman’s Lightweight 8+Marilyn Goo (Cox), Kathy Roberts (Stroke), Penny Dimick (7), Susan Karpiak (6), Gigi Cole (5), Pam Gilmore (4), Liz Senear (3), Jackie Frye (2), Randi Mattson (Bow)
1973Woman’s Lightweight 8+Laurie Bennett (Cox), Kathy Roberts (Stroke), Randi Mattson (7), Julie Gustafson (6), Chris Satterlee (5), Marylou Talbot (4), Barbara Mitchell (3), Dena Peel (2), Mary Dion (Bow)
Woman’s Lightweight 4+Marilyn Goo (Cox), Kathy Roberts (Stroke), Randi Mattson (7), Julie Gustafson (6), Chris Satterlee (Bow).
1978Woman’s Flyweight 4+Lisa Drumheller (Cox), Di Schueler (Stroke), Kathy Hamlin (3), Mary Hartman (2), Julie Jones (Bow).
1979Woman’s Flyweight 4+Kathleen Tyler (Cox), Laurie Dion (Stroke), Kathy Hamlin (3), Mary Hartman (2), Julie Jones (Bow)
1980Woman’s Flyweight 4+Karia Godwin (Cox), Mary Hartman (Stroke), Mary Silrum (3), Lynn Athman (2), Kathleen Tyler (Bow).
1981Woman’s Varsity 8+Lisa Horn (Cox), Jane McDougall (Stroke), Shyril O’Steen (7), Kristi Norelius (6), Peg Achterman (5), Karen Mohling (4), Sue Broome (3), Madeline Hanson (2), Debbie Moore (Bow)
Woman’s Second Varsity 8+Karia Godwin (Cox), Sue Winters (Stroke), Marisa Velling (7), Nancy Leppink (6), Monica Kronlof (5), Sharon Ellzey (4), Cindy Spranger (3), Ellen Pottmeyer (2), Penny Craig (Bow)
1982Woman’s Varsity 8+Betsy Beard (Cox), Sue Winters (Stroke), Marisa Velling (7), Sharon Ellzey (6), Janise Fulton (5), Ellen Pottmeyer (4), Madeline Hanson (3), Debbie Moore (2), Monica Kronlof (Bow).
Woman’s Second Varsity 8+Lisa Horn (Cox), Jane McDougall (Stroke), Julie Baker (7), Kristi Norelius (6), Margie Cate (5), Peg Achterman (4), Sue Broome (3), Karen Mohling (2), Loren Smith (Bow).
1983Woman’s Varsity 8+Pam Austin (Cox), Gail Stewart (Stroke), Liese Hendrie (7), Candice Fullerton (6), Laura Smith (5), Julie Shemeta (4), Denise Guyot (3), Heather Bowers (2), Liz White (Bow)
Woman’s Second Varsity 8+Betsy Beard (Cox), Loren Smith (Stroke), Julie Baker (7), Eleanor McElvaine (6), Karen Mohling (5), Jan Fulton (4), Ellen Pottmeyer (3), Sara Nevin (2), Maureen King (Bow)
1984Woman’s Varsity 8+Georjeanne Bucko (Cox), Gail Stewart (Stroke), Sara Nevin (7), Eleanor McElvaine (6), Liese Hendric (5), Cherie Gawley (4), Chris Cambell (3), Kristi Stingl (2), Liz White (Bow)
1985Woman’s Varsity 8+Lynn Kalina (Cox), Chris Campbell (Stroke), Sara Nevin (7), Eleanor McElvaine (6), Liese Hendric (5), Birgit Ziegler (4), Cherie Gawley (3), Christy Dotson (2), Kristi Stingl (Bow)
1987Woman’s Varsity 8+Trish Lydon (Cox), Kris Sanford (Stroke), Alice Henderson (7), Lisa Beluche (6), Heidi Hook (5), Sara Watson (4), Fritzi Grevstad (3), Katarina Wikstrom (2), Linda Lusk (Bow)
Woman’s Second Varsity 8+Stephanie Doyle (Cox), Trudy Ockenden (Stroke), Linda Irvine (7), Christy Dotson (6), Chris Van Pelt (5), Gail Dorf (4), Stephanie Haines (3), Julie Gardener (2), Cindi Kneip (Bow).
Woman’s Varsity 4+Pauline Liu (Cox), Helen Cullen (Stroke), Cindy Mistereck (3), Elizabeth Crowell (2), Julie McBride (Bow).
1988Woman’s Varsity 8+Stephanie Doyle (Cox), Kris Sanford (Stroke), Katarina Wikstrom (7), Lisa Beluche (6), Fritzi Grevstad (5), Chris Van Pelt (4), Sarah Watson (3), Gail Dorf (2), Trudy Ockenden (Bow)
1989Woman’s Second Varsity 8+Stacey Jones (Cox), Michelle Chan (Stroke), Tiffany Cambell-Densmore (7), Katie Steele (6), Karin Carlson (5), Carrie Helde (4), Kasey Rose (3), Val Dumond (2), Alicia Brillon (Bow).
1994Woman’s Second Varsity 8+Joslyn Howard (Cox), Liz Tuttle (Stroke), Jody Brodie (7), Katie Maloney (6), Trista Patterson (5), Megan Rider (4), Kathy Colin (3), Amanda Wilcox (2), Merideth Arnold (Bow)
1997Woman’s Team Champions
Women’s Varsity 8+Alida Purves (Cox), Sabina Telenska (Stroke), Denni Nessler (7), Kelly Horton (6), Katy Dunnet (5), Annie Christie (4), Jan Williamson (3), Tristine Glick (2), Kari Green (Bow).
1998Woman’s Team Champions
Woman’s Varsity 8+Missy Collins (Cox), Sabina Telenska (Stroke), Denni Nessler (7), Kelly Horton (6), Katy Dunnet (5), Annie Christie (4), Rachel Dunnet (3), Vanessa Tavalero (2), Kari Green (Bow)
1999Woman’s Varsity 4+Mary Whipple (Cox), Erin Becht (Stroke), Kara Nykriem (3), Anna Mickelson (2), Kellie Shenk (Bow).
2000Woman’s Varsity 4+Anne Hessburg (Cox), Lauren Estevenin (Stroke), Carrie Stasiak (3), Heidi Hurn (2), Adrienne Hunter (Bow).
2001Woman’s Team Champions
Woman’s Varsity 8+Mary Whipple (Cox), Lauren Estevenin (Stroke), Nicole Borges (7), Anna Mickelson (6), Rika Geyser (5), Adrienne Hunter (4), Carrie Stasiak (3), Nicole Rogers (2), Annabel Ritchie (Bow).
Woman’s Varsity 4+Maili Barber (Cox), Margherita Pallottino (Stroke), Yvonneke Stenken (3), Katie Baurichter (2), Tegan Simonson (Bow).
2002Woman’s Varsity 8+Mary Whipple (Cox), Lauren Estevenin (Stroke), Annabel Ritchie (7), Anna Mickelson (6), Heidi Hurn (5), Adrienne Hunter (4), Carrie Stasiak (3), Kara Nykreim (2), Yvonneke Stenken (Bow).
Woman’s Second Varsity 8+Anne Hessburg (Cox), Jenni Vesnaver (Stroke), Jessica Harm (7), Shannon Oates (6), Erin Becht (5), Sanda Hangan (4), Marghe Pallotino (3), Erin Curry (2), Mandy Nelson (Bow).
2008Woman’s Varsity 4+Maggie Cheek (Cox), Rachel Powers (Stroke), Jennifer Park (3), Charlene Franklin (2), Adrienne Martelli (Bow)
2017Woman’s Team Champions
Woman’s Varsity 8+Phoebe Marks-Nicholes (Cox), Chiara Ondoli (Stroke), Elise Beuke (7), Brooke Pierson (6), Katy Gillingham (5), Brooke Mooney (4), Tabea Schendekehl (3), Jessica Thoennes (2), Annemieke Schanze (Bow)
Woman’s Second Varsity 8+Isabella Corriere (Cox), Marlee Blue (Stroke), Margaret Phillips (7), Carmela Pappalardo (6), Phoebe Spoors (5), Karle Pittsinger (4), Bella Chilczuk (3), Anna Thornton (2), Calina Schanze (Bow).
Woman’s Varsity 4+Marley Avritt (Cox), Valentina Iseppi (Stroke), Valerie Vogt (3), Julia Paulsen (2), Sophia Baker (Bow).
2018Woman’s Second Varsity 8+Marley Avritt (Cox), Brooke Pierson (Stroke), Katy Gillingham (7), Carmela Pappalardo (6), Karle Pittsinger (5), Julia Paulsen (4), Jennifer Wren (3), Jessica Thoennes (2), Calina Schanze (Bow)
2019Woman’s Team Champions
Woman’s Varsity 8+Marley Avritt (Cox), Tabea Schendekehl (Stroke), Calina Schanze (7), Sofia Asoumanaki (6), Marlee Blue (5), Teal Cohen (4), Valentina Iseppi (3), Jennifer Wren (2), Carmela Pappalardo (Bow)
Woman’s Second Varsity 8+Amanda Durkin (Cox), Klara Grube (Stroke), Lark Skov (7), Elise Beuke (6), Holly Dunford (5), Molly Gallaher (4), Mackenna Cameron (3), Skylar Jacobson (2), Adele Likin (Bow)
Woman’s Varsity 4+Dana Brooks (Cox), Dimitra Tsamopoulou (Stroke), Kieanna Stephens (3), Holly Drapp (2), Emma Vagen (Bow)
2021Woman’s Second Varsity 8+Dana Brooks (Cox), McKenna Bryant (Stroke), Dimitra Tsamopoulou (7), Molly Gallaher (6), Taylor Buell (5), Nikki Martincic (4), Lark Skov (3), Joïe Zier (2), Brittani Shappell (Bow)
Woman’s Varsity 4+