Boys in the Boat Endowed Fund for Men's Rowing

To provide support for the Washington men’s rowing program. This fund honors the 9 boys who, against all odds, defeated the elite teams of the East Coast and Great Britain and went on to win gold at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

Title IX Legacy Endowed Fund for Women's Rowing

To provide support for the Washington women’s rowing program. This Fund is being established in honor of the women of the 1970s and the 50th anniversary of Title IX. 

Your Generosity Lives on Through

support for endowments

Gifts to establish scholarship or program endowments for Washington Rowing live on in perpetuity, honoring your generosity for generations to come. The principal of an endowment remains intact while each year’s interest funds critical opportunities for Husky rowers to learn, compete and grow. You may create and name your own endowed fund for a purpose you designate. Or, you can donate to an existing endowment to shore up its ability to fund scholarships, special activities such as trips to the Henley Regatta in London, boats and equipment, and more. 

We are grateful to the dedicated supporters of Washington Rowing who have established endowments which accept ongoing donations as well as those whose endowments are fully funded. When you donate to an endowment, you invest in the lives of future leaders, in the competitiveness of our teams, and in the storied legacy of Washington Rowing.