Washington Rowing Stewards


The Stewards

The University of Washington Rowing Stewards was established under legendary coach Hiram Conibear in 1916 to assist the University in the oversight of the program. Conibear’s overriding priorities were twofold: raising money to cover his expanding program, and building an outside support group of alumni to sustain it.

Little did he know how crucial this support would be. His tragic death the following year, coupled with the effects of WWI and a UW administration less than friendly to athletics on campus at that time, put the program in severe jeopardy. Only by the efforts of the newly-created Stewards did rowing survive at Washington.

Over the years, the Stewards have evolved into an organization of men and women dedicated to the success of the program both on and off the water. Today, any friend or alum who gives back to the program annually is considered a Steward.

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Washington Rowing Stewards
"I’ve heard men shriek out with delight when the swing came in an eight; it’s a thing they’ll never forget as long as they live."
– George Pocock
Washington Rowing Stewards