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Lake Washington on one side. Lake Union on the other. Between them, the 643-acre campus of the University of Washington gradually slopes northward from the Montlake Cut – Washington Rowing’s home race course. Spacious, and in many ways as pristine as it was 100 years ago, the campus and halls are as unique as the Pacific Northwest itself.

At the University of Washington, our student-athletes are here to learn, to set goals and achieve them. They are here to share experiences and to grow physically and intellectually. Our professors and coaches are here to challenge their students, but along with that challenge comes great opportunity.

That ethic has been a cornerstone of Washington Rowing since the days of legendary coach Hiram Conibear and famed boat builder George Pocock. The four years on the water, and in the classroom, are highly valued by the men and women who have rowed for, and graduated from, the UW.

The school is strongly rooted in the community. It is the center for higher learning and the exchange of ideas in the region. From the arts and sciences, to business, to medicine and technology – it attracts the highest caliber global talent both in teaching and research.

Seattle itself feels the effect, with one of the most educated populations in the US, many as graduates or in varying degrees associated with the UW itself. Alums stay connected. Borne through the ethic learned as students, the University – and the rowing team itself – has benefited for generations from the generosity of our graduates.

That positive environment, and global presence, is felt as a student. Professors are engaged. Fellow students are energized. The diverse Seattle community is welcoming. It is an environment that is at one moment highly specialized academically, while at another moment exciting, new, and uniquely reflective of the Seattle region and the State of Washington.

#11 Best University in the World

The University of Washington is one of the world’s preeminent public universities. The University’s impact on individuals, on our region, and on the world is profound — whether we are launching young people into a boundless future or confronting the grand challenges of our time through undaunted research and scholarship.

Ranked number 10 in the world in Shanghai Jiao Tong University rankings and educating more than 54,000 students annually, our students and faculty work together to turn ideas into impact and in the process transform lives and our world.

So what defines us—the students, faculty and community members at the University of Washington? Above all, it’s our belief in possibility and our unshakable optimism. It’s a connection to others, both near and far. It’s a hunger that pushes us to tackle challenges and pursue progress. It’s the conviction that together we can create a world of good.


Academic success of all student-athletes has been a priority of the Washington athletics department since inception. Washington was the first in the nation to implement an academic support system for their athletes in 1972, a program that has grown into an ethic taken very seriously by the University and the alumni of Washington. This commitment to academics has been recognized nationally by the NCAA as a “Program of Excellence,” highlighting the areas of career enhancement, personal development, community service, and academic support.

"And the oarsman, too, when he has his mind trained at the University and his body fit, feels something that reminds me a bit of Browning: ‘How good is man’s life, the mere living! How fit to use all the heart and the soul and the senses for the joy of it!’…."
– George Pocock
Washington Rowing