Please donate to the Annual Fund Drive. Your support is crucial to maintaining the competitiveness of Washington Rowing. Now, more than ever, the continued support of former rowers and supporters alike is crucial to raising the annual funds necessary to compete among the nation’s top rowing programs. Make your gift online today.


Gifts can also be mailed to Washington Rowing, Box 354070, Seattle WA 98195 or by calling the Tyee Club at 206-543-2234. Please make checks payable to Washington Rowing. Donations of stocks or securities are welcome.

Rowing Stewards Levels & Benefits

Steward           $100-$999            

• Subscription to Sweep magazine and UW Rowing e-communications
• Signature UW Rowing pin
• Tyee Club Priority Points for the full amount of your donation

Coach’s Club               $1,000-$4,999     

Above benefits plus:
• Donor’s choice of a Washington Rowing hat, mug, launch ride or dinner with the team in Conibear
• Post-race report from Men’s Rowing Coach Michael Callahan and Women’s Rowing Coach Yasmin Farooq following the Cal Dual, Pac-12 Championships and National Championships

National Championship          $5,000-$9,999      

Above benefits plus:
• National Champion Badge that grants complimentary entrance to the Stewards Enclosure at Windermere Cup and free entrance to the night before Windermere party on The Cut
• Authentic Washington Rowing Oar

World Champion    $10,000+ 

Above benefits plus:
• Husky Rowing Experience: your choice of a launch ride on race day, pre-race dinner with the teams or Cal Dual/Pac-12 Championship travel experience

Please note that the fiscal year for Washington Rowing is July 1 to June 30.


Your donation to support or create a Washington Rowing Endowment is a gift that never ends.

An endowment is a permanent investment account that provides interest income to Washington Rowing to fund scholarships and programmatic needs. The principal remains intact, growing through wise investment strategies and generating increasingly larger interest revenue.

Endowments are essential in order to advance our mission of attracting top athletic talent, fielding competitive teams and offering Washington Rowers the best possible athletic and academic experiences. Often, the difference between an average program and one that excels nationally is a fully funded endowment.

Charles M. Applegate Crew Endowment
James and Marjorie Beardsley Scholarship Endowment for Husky Crew
Doug and Nancy Boyden Men’s Rowing Endowed Fund
John D. Bracken Scholarship Fund
Class of 67 Men’s Crew Endowed Fund
Class of ‘76 Endowed Men’s Crew Scholarship
Class of ‘82 Scholarship Endowment for Men’s Rowing
Crew Scholarship and Contingency Fund
James S. and Elree Eagleson Crew Endowment
Dick Erickson Endowed Crew Scholarship
Fowler Family Men’s Rowing Endowed Fund
Wayne E. and Stella S. Graham Crew Endowment Fund
Chuck Holtz Endowed Men’s Crew Scholarship
Hughes Family Endowed Women’s Rowing Scholarship
John W. and Rosalind Jacobi Endowed Men’s Crew Scholarship
Jean K. Lafromboise Scholarship for Men’s Crew
Michael S. Lafromboise Memorial Fund
Carl and Louise Lovsted Endowed Scholarship
Carl M. & Louise C. Lovsted Endowed Crew Scholarship
Thomas W. McCurdy Memorial Fund
Dave McLean Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Diane Miller-Ross Endowment
John H. and Luanne Isom Mills Endowed Crew Scholarship
The Kari Osterhaug Endowed Scholarship for Women’s Crew
Ron and Jayne Ranheim Men’s Rowing Endowed Fund
Jon Runstad 2008 Endowed Scholarship for Men’s Rowing
Jon Runstad Endowed Scholarship for Men’s Rowing
Slepyan Family Endowed Crew Fund
Alison and Brian Urback Crew Endowment
Willard Wakeman Endowed Men’s Crew Scholarship
Washington Rowing Stewards Endowment
Wilkerson Family Scholarship Endowment for Husky Athletics
John W. Zevenbergen Jr. Endowed Scholarship for Men’s Rowing

To learn more about establishing an endowment, call Krista Rammelsberg with the Tyee Club at 206-221-3588.


Your legacy gift to Washington Rowing, no matter the size can have a significant impact on future generations of Washington rowers and help them become leaders in their careers and communities. If you are considering including Washington Rowing in your estate plans, have already done so or would like more information, please contact Krista Rammelsberg with the Tyee Club at 206-221-3588 or visit our Forever Washington website.    

FY2016-17 Annual Report

Click on the cover to download the PDF of our Annual Report for fiscal year 2016-17 ending June 30, 2017.


Rowing a race is an art, not a frantic scramble. It must be rowed with head power as well as hand power.
– George Pocock