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Off The Water: Get to Know UW Women’s Head Coach Yaz Farooq

What do you do with your time away from the boathouse?

Yaz Farooq: There hasn’t been a lot so far as you might imagine. I’m honestly trying to do my best to stay fit. There is an awesome cardio deck above the weight room. Our team lifts in two back to back groups, so I usually sneak in a workout during group one’s cooldown and group two’s warmup.

Favorite Seattle restaurant?

Seattle has the BEST seafood. I’ve been to the Carpenter and the Walrus three times already. I’m a huge oyster fan! And Ivar’s is an institution that I am glad to consistently support. When I’m on the road they have the best breakfast sandwich in the airport.

Favorite TV show binge? 

I missed Downton Abbey when it first came out, so I catch episodes some nights after practice with my husband Roger.

If I’m listening to classical music it’s: 

Bach. The melodies and countermelodies are just like coxing!

Favorite current artist?


Favorite rowing moment?

When the US women’s eight won the Olympic gold medal in 2008–with Huskies Anna (Mickelson) Cummins, Mary (Whipple) Murray and volunteer assistant coach Elle (Logan) Dinares onboard.

Sunday morning routine?

Listening to classic country with Rog while making a big Sunday breakfast.

Happiest day of your life? 

Getting married on a boat in Sydney Harbour during the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Funniest celebrity moment?

At the same Olympics, while waiting for the elevator, a bookcase was pushed aside and Muhammed Ali entered our hotel through a secret entrance. Other sportscasters around us were chanting “Champ” upon seeing that “The Greatest” had arrived. Ali stopped in his tracks and said, “Did you say… Tramp?” He then playfully attempted to pull me into the elevator as if he were going to steal me away.  My husband said, “You can’t take her, she’s with me!” Then The Champ started shadow boxing Rog. The guy had a great sense of humor.

Your favorite hobbies?

I love gardening and cooking with whatever I grow. I also make handmade soap from time to time. Every day I make sure to: eat some form of cheese. Yes, I am from Wisconsin. That said, I am a big fan of Beecher’s Flagship.

Your next aspiration?

Learn how to play a ukulele.